Something is missing.You know it.You've taken all types of courses.• Copywriting Courses
• Marketing Courses
• Growth Courses
• Sales Courses
But..It simply..
Does. Not. Click.
The needle doesn't move.You struggle to make progress.Something is missing.
And you're aware of this.
It fucks up your personal growth.
It fucks up your personal life.
If fucks up your business.
It's really not a good place to be in.Here is what you don't realize yet...


It's about people.Stronger partnerships.
Smoother dealings.
Bigger wins.

Growing an Online Audience?

It's not just about posting stuff.It's about knowing what clicks with people.It's about connecting with the audience.

Good writing?

It's more than just words on paper.It's about making your reader feel something.That's where understanding people comes in.

Climbing the Corporate Ladder?

Beyond your hard skills...It's about teamwork, networking, and leadership.


It isn't just about what you're selling.It's about understanding your customer's needs.The key?You got it – social skills.

Everything boils down to understanding people.

Social Prowess is the One Skill that Rules them all.

Your hard skills matter.Sure.
But without finely tuned social skills...

  • You’ll miss out on finding mentors to guide your journey.

  • Potential partners will slip through your fingers.

  • The clients you wish to serve? They might not even notice you.

Two brothers.
One mission.
Arming YOU with Social Prowess.
This is the brainchild of:Atlas & EgoDriv

Atlas, having shaped political narratives across Africa, brings in unparalleled insights from his days as a PR consultant.EgoDriv, on the other hand, has inspired a quarter-million followers online with transformative content on social finesse and self-development.

Together, we've built our own business using social skills and helped others do the same.

The bitter truth?
Most people won't even tell you if your social skills are lacking.
They'll just move on.
And you?
You're left wondering where it all went wrong.

  • "Why did I fail to acquire customers for my business?"

  • "Why did I fail to grow an audience?"

  • "Why did my writing fail to impact people?"

  • "Why did I fail to climb the corporate ladder?"

  • "Why did I fail to build stronger relationships?"

The answer?It all went wrong the day you neglected your social skills.But it's never too late.


With SSU we're not just offering lessons.We're offering a profound transformation.This is not just another course.
This is not just another community.
This is IT.You'll move from being a mere participant to a...Master conductor.Orchestrating meaningful connections and unlocking opportunities.Something that now seems out of reach.This is your ticket to a different version of yourself.One that kicks down whatever stands in its way.But don't just take our word for it.Here's what our members have to say:

So if you're ready to take your life to the next level and improve your social skills...

Here Are Your Options:



billed quarterly

3-month access to the University

A 90-Day Transformative Program

Weekly Webinars & Workshops

Daily invaluable articles & lessons



billed annually

12-month access to the University

A 90-Day Transformative Program

Weekly Webinars & Workshops

Daily invaluable articles & lessons

Want more?Here's a breakdown of what you get inside the:

  • 90 Day Program

  • Upcoming podcasts

  • Bonuses

THE SOCIAL SCULPTWhat are you exactly getting?90 DAYS blueprint

Step 1:

Everything Starts With You

The first target is to free you from the preconceived limiting ideas that you have about yourself.You are not uninteresting.
You are not powerless.
You are not valueless.
This phase has one goal:Make you understand your value so you can be free from your assumptions and biases.Among other things...In 10 Days You'll:

  • Gain the necessary confidence to engage with anyone you want to connect with without feeling like a beggar.

  • Know your worth and be able to embody it.

  • Learn the self-affirmation ritual to shift your mindset and drive away limiting-beliefs (day 2).

  • Discover a visualization technique that'll prime your brain to act with confidence (day 7).

Step 2:

Decoding What People Say When They Don’t Speak

We started the first phase with “you”.Now let’s understand “them”.If you have ever been confused with mixed signals from potential clients, friends, and romantic partners...This is the place where you fix it for good.This is where hidden messages stop being hidden to you.After 10 Days You'll:

  • Cultivate an observant eye to understand all social clues.

  • Know people's intentions towards you by decoding their behavior.

  • Leverage body language to amplify your communication.

Step 3:

Never Be Ignored Again

The foundation of human relationships is trust.The goal of this module is to make you build up that trust with the people you want to connect with.You win this game when you make yourself trustworthy.You become trustable by learning to manage your conversations.This phase is played on three levels:• The rapport-building phase.
• The listening phase.
• The storytelling phase.
After 10 Days You'll:

  • Make yourself worthy of trust by mastering conversation skills that will make your mentors answer you.

  • Gain respect from your clients and appreication from strangers.

  • Discover the art of encouraging and maintaining deep constructive conversations (day 21, 22, 26 & 28).

Step 4:

Nurturing Relationships

Be it professional or personal, relationships are like plants.If you don’t water them… they die.It’s useless to connect with people if you are going to lose sight of each other forever.This phase will make you effortlessly keep all of your valuable contacts ready and happy to help you.In 10 Days you'll discover 9 different ways to keep your relationships alive.These include:

  • Active Empathy: Cultivate deeper emotional connection (day 34).

  • Listening Without Fixing: Recognizing a common human need that makes you seem more supportive (day 36).

  • Memory Lane: Strengthening close bonds (day 37).

Step 5:

Social Dynamics

Social dynamics set the tone at almost every level of human interaction.This module makes you understand it and master it...So you can boost your perceived power.After 10 Days You'll:

  • Understand how to play the social game.

  • Improve your ability to "Read the room" and switch the balance in your favor.

  • Discover the art of voice modulation & powerful self-presentation to enhance perceived authority (days 44 & 46).

Step 6:


This phase will make you better at analyzing offers and cultivating your negotiation skills.But remember:In both integrative negotiation and adversarial bargaining, your best source of power is your ability and willingness to walk away and take another deal.After 10 Days You'll:

  • Master the task of identifying the best alternative to a negotiated agreement even before arriving at the bargaining table.

  • Learn to get what you want out of people.

Step 7:


This is where you will discover the techniques used by every influential person in history.Politicians, Thoughts Leaders, and Online Influencers all know how to craft and package their messages for the right audience at the right moment.This is where you learn to do the same.After 10 Days You'll:

  • Know what to say to build an audience and how to say to make that audience stick with you.

  • Understand the 3 foundational appeals in rhetoric (day 61).

  • Learn the art of using metaphorical language to simplify complex ideas and make them relatable (day 64).

  • Discover how to encourage people to change their set beliefs in your favor (day 65).

Step 8:

Time for Practice Online

Engaging with theory is one thing, but the real test?Taking action in real-world scenarios.While the digital world can sometimes feel "less than real," it's often where many of our interactions take place.This isn't about studying more; this is about doing.In 10 Days You'll:

  • Shift from simply reading or nodding in agreement to actively using the tools and strategies you've acquired.

  • Get a tangible sense of how far you've come.

  • Begin using the digital space as your playground & get to see just how powerful your newfound social skills can be in this realm.

Step 9:

The Real-Life Application

Mastery in the digital realm is a massive achievement.But life is lived offline, amidst the hustle, noise, and unpredictability of the real world.Here, networks aren't just virtual – they're physical, pulsing entities that you can touch, feel, and influence.You don't need a grand stage.You just need the right approach.In 10 Days You'll:

  • Become a core (not just a part) of various social networks.

  • Shift from just being another face in the crowd to being the pivotal point around whom interactions revolve.

  • Learn to craft an intimate event, positioning you at the heart of it all.

  • Understand the nuances of being the connector, the node, the heartbeat of your network.


Audience Growth Bootcamp

If you are ready to elevate your digital game, we got you!There is so much useless information about this out there and scammers are making people pay thousands of dollars for that.We are a tribe and we won’t let our members fall for this.As soon as you join us, you will have access to the Social Media Growth Bootcamp.We will dive deep into the world of social media and content strategy with our exclusive Bootcamp tailored just for you!You'll get:

  • An understanding of how to effectively navigate and utilize social media.

  • A holistic understanding of the online realm, from content strategy to social engagement.

  • Access to group calls to answer your specific challenges.

The Bootcamp will be led by Atlas (149.7k+ online followers), a seasoned content strategist with extensive experience in the field.Here is the outline, so you know what it’s going to look like:

First Session:

The Foundations - Understanding the Social Media Game

A. Introduction to Growing An Online Presence• The importance of online presence in today's digital age.
• Overview of the Bootcamp modules.

B. Overview of Different Social Media Platforms• Pros and cons of each platform.
• Demographics and user behavior on each platform.

C. Adapting Your Content to Each Platform• Understanding platform-specific content formats.
• Best practices for content adaptation.

D. Choosing the Right Platform for You• Aligning platform choice with your target audience.
• Evaluating platform potential based on your content type.

Second Session:

Social Media - The Media Part

A. What is Content?• Differentiating between content types: Blog posts, videos, podcasts, etc.
• The role of content in building online presence.

B. How to Craft Compelling Content• Ensuring consistency in branding and voice.
• Tools and techniques for content creation.

C. Understanding Your Messaging• Clarifying your brand's message.
• Ensuring alignment between content and messaging.

D. Building a Content Strategy• Setting clear objectives.
• Content calendar creation and planning.
• Balancing evergreen and trending topics.

Third Session:

Social Media - The Social Part

A. Why is the Social Part as Important as the Media One?• The role of engagement in growing online presence.
• Building authenticity and trust with your audience.

B. How to Connect with People on Social Media• Engaging with your audience: Comments, messages, and Q&A sessions.
• Hosting live streams and interactive sessions.

C. Who Should You Connect With?• Identifying potential collaborators and influencers.
• Building and nurturing relationships with other creators.

Fourth Session:

Making Your Online Presence Profitable

A. Selling Info-Products and Courses• Identifying profitable niches.
• Crafting and marketing your courses.
• Tools and platforms for course hosting.

B. Selling Consulting• Positioning yourself as an expert.
• Pricing your consulting services.
• Building a consulting funnel.


Language Learning Masterclass

Hosted by:

Mikel Telleria - Hyperpolyglot and Language Coach who speaks 15+ Languages

Session 1.Introduction to the Natural Language Learning (NLL).

Session 2.Comprehension: Memorization of Vocab & Massive Input.

Session 3.Speaking: Fluency, Accuracy and Pronunciation.

Session 4.Perfecting your skills: Scriptorium and Translation.

What is Social Skills University?

Social Skills University (SSU) is a dedicated online platform where members can enhance their social skills through interactive workshops, articles, podcasts, and courses.Our mission is to empower you to communicate confidently, build lasting relationships, and flourish in social settings.

Who is SSU designed for?

SSU caters to anyone eager to hone their social skills.Whether you're a professional who wants to network, someone looking to form new connections, or simply wishing to gain more confidence in diverse social situations...SSU has resources tailored for you.

Do you offer any guarantees?

We guarantee to provide top-notch resources and guidance for you to apply what you learn.Success depends on your dedication to implementing acquired knowledge.

What types of content can I expect?

At SSU, we provide a diverse blend of content, including podcasts, articles, workshops, and in-depth courses.Topics cover areas from enhancing self-confidence and effective communication to event organization and online networking.

How often is new content added?

We frequently update our content library, so you can expect new articles multiple times a week, weekly podcasts and live calls, and seasonal workshops and courses.

How can I attend the live workshops and webinars?

As a member, you'll be notified of all upcoming events. Simply RSVP via the provided link.And if you ever miss out on a live session—all our calls are recorded and stored for your convenience.

Can I request topics or specific content?

Absolutely! We highly value member feedback.If there's a topic or specific area you're interested in, let us know!We continually aim to cater our content to our community's evolving needs.

How does the membership work?

After signing up, you gain full access to all SSU content.This encompasses past archives and any fresh content added during your membership.Learn at your pace and access our resources anytime anywhere (Yes, there is a mobile app too).

My Social Skills are already good, do I need this?

There's no cap on perfecting social skills—it's an ongoing journey.If you already possess adept social skills, SSU provides an environment to network further and polish them.Remember, without practice, even excellent skills get rusty.

Are there any additional costs after sign up?

Not at all.We firmly oppose any form of upsells.Post sign-up, everything becomes accessible to you without any extra charges.All additional courses and content are included in your membership.We promise no hidden fees, no upsells—just pure value.



billed quarterly

3-month access to the University

A 90-Day Transformative Program

Weekly Webinars & Workshops

Daily invaluable articles & lessons



billed annually

12-month access to the University

A 90-Day Transformative Program

Weekly Webinars & Workshops

Daily invaluable articles & lessons

Inside SSU Community, we have hosted calls in the form of a podcast to bring new perspectives from experts on their fields.Here are some of the guests we recently had:

And many more.Upon signing up, you'll gain instant access to 51 recordings of previous episodes & workshops.

Option Number Two:

Pay for 12 months up-front

What awaits you?Unlocking doors to opportunities you didn't even know existed.Tailored For You:Resources at your fingertips
An engaging community
Weekly touchpoints
This is a pathway chiseled just for you:

12-month access to the University

A 90-Day Transformative Program that offers real-world tasks. Don't just learn; implement and experience the change.

Weekly Webinars & Workshops - Learn from the best, those who've walked the talk.

Daily invaluable articles & lessons - found nowhere else.


You Pay Only $33/month

What Awaits You?

Improved RelationshipsWhen you become a better communicator, you'll be able to build stronger, more meaningful relationships with others.You'll be better equipped to understand their needs and desires, and you'll be able to express your own thoughts and feelings more clearly.

Greater Self-Confidence & Self-EsteemAs you improve your social skills, you'll develop a greater sense of self-confidence and self-esteem.You'll be more comfortable in social situations, and you'll be better equipped to handle difficult conversations and interactions.

Career AdvancementStrong social skills are a key factor in career advancement.When you're able to communicate effectively with others, you'll be better able to build professional relationships and work collaboratively with colleagues.This can lead to promotions, new job opportunities, and other career advancements.

Improved Mental HealthGood communication skills are also important for mental health.When you're able to express your thoughts and feelings more clearly, you'll be better equipped to cope with stress and anxiety.You'll also be more likely to seek help when you need it, whether from a therapist, friend, or family member.

Stronger Personal BoundariesCommunication skills and the confidence that comes with it allow you to set strong personal boundaries.You can assertively stop people from walking all over you without being aggressive.This will also help you foster healthier relationships and resolve conflicts in a constructive way.

Increased HappinessFinally, improving your social skills can lead to increased happiness and fulfillment in life.When you're able to build strong relationships with others, you'll feel more connected and supported.This can lead to a greater sense of happiness and fulfillment in all areas of your life.